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Bladenboro Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is your local dentist office for all of your oral health needs. Our dental care team can provide complete care under one roof for preventive, cosmetic, and restorative needs.

Are you looking for a more personalized dentist office experience? We welcome new patients and families to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and vibrant smile through regular dental care.

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Is Burning Your Mouth Serious

Is Burning Your Mouth Serious?

February 16, 2024

All of us have been too impatient when waiting for food to cool or forgotten the high temperature of a hot cup of coffee. When your mouth comes into contact…

3 Gum Disease Risk Factors

3 Gum Disease Risk Factors

January 30, 2024

Gum disease is a type of infection affecting the gum tissue that develops when oral bacteria reach the gums and irritate and inflame the area. It is common, affecting about…

How Hydration Helps Oral Health

How Hydration Helps Oral Health

December 4, 2023

The human body is made primarily of water, so you likely already know that you have to drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day to stay healthy…