Teeth Bonding Bladenboro, NC

Do you have chips or cracks in your tooth enamel? Are your minor cosmetic imperfections impacting the look of your smile? Try teeth bonding in our Bladenboro, NC dental office. Dr. Shannon French and her experienced dental team offer cosmetic dental solutions that address the look and feel of the smile. Dental bonding uses a biocompatible material that is molded and sculpted onto the teeth. This treatment can cover tooth stains, address chips or cracks in the enamel, and lengthen short teeth.

Teeth Bonding in Bladenboro, North Carolina

Dental Bonding Treatment

To begin, we use a local anesthetic to numb the treated area. Then we lightly remove a bit of enamel from the tooth or teeth receiving treatment. This is done to create a good bonding surface for the composite resin. We will then mold the composite resin onto the tooth into the desired shape. The resin is then cured with light and heat. We polish the tooth and ensure that it matches the rest of your natural teeth. Color-matching the resin helps create a uniform and balanced look.

Dental bonding is best for small cosmetic concerns. Porcelain veneers are another alternative that works best for patients with larger areas of damage. Although dental veneers typically last longer than tooth bonding treatment, they are more costly and often require a longer treatment time.

How to Care for Bonded Teeth

Be gentle on your teeth after you receive tooth bonding treatment. The bonding material can chip if you chew ice, eat hard foods, or bite your nails. For the first 48 hours following your dental bonding treatment, avoid drinking beverages or eating foods that can stain the bonding material. Tea, wine, berries, tomatoes, and coffee are some of the most common foods and beverages that contain chromogens, pigments that stain the tooth enamel. Remember to keep up your oral hygiene routine and schedule regular dental appointments. Our team can help maintain your results and keep your teeth healthy and clean.

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