Bladenboro NC Dentist Office Patient Information

Welcome to Bladenboro Family Dentistry. Dr. Shannon French and her professional dental team are dedicated to the health and comfort of their patients. On this page, you will find several resources including details on your first office visit as well as the answers to frequently asked questions about our office.

Call our team or schedule an appointment on our website to experience high-quality dental care in Dr. French’s Bladenboro, NC dentist office.

For Our Dental Patients in Bladenboro, North Carolina

Resources for Patients at Bladenboro Family Dentistry

Learn more about the dental services we offer as well as payment and insurance options for our patients:

Our patient-focused dental team gets to know patients as individuals. Understanding the history, goals, and current needs of patients allows them to provide high-quality care. Dr. French and her dentists create custom treatments that are tailored to each patient.

Your First Office Visit

We want all of our patients regardless of age, to feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit our office. Please contact us if you require accommodations for a loved one or yourself.

During your first visit, our team will:

  • Review your personal dental history
  • Complete a comprehensive oral health exam
  • Evaluate the temporomandibular joints
  • Perform an oral cancer screening
  • Conduct a gum disease exam
  • Take digital impressions and/or images of teeth

We recommend you bring the following with you to your visit:

  • Dental insurance card, forms, or information
  • A valid form of identification
  • Dental records

If we find a dental problem during your appointment we can create a custom treatment plan for you. We will thoroughly explain your treatment options to you and help you choose the best solution for your needs. You will also have an opportunity to discuss your dental concerns and goals during a consultation. Our team takes the long-term goals, budget, and history of each patient before choosing dental treatment.

Common Dental FAQs

Our patients may have multiple questions about our office and dentistry in general. Learn the answers to these common questions below:

Is your dental office accepting new patients?

Yes, we are always welcoming new patients to our Bladenboro dental office. Schedule an appointment on our website or call our office at 910-469-4592. We take a variety of payments and insurance options for your convenience.

Our office also accepts Care Credit and Lending Club.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Patients should visit the dentist biannually or every six months. If you require more frequent visits or follow-up appointments,  our team will recommend a schedule for you that fits your needs. Patients who are at risk of developing cavities or gum disease are encouraged to visit our office more frequently so we can closely keep track of their health.

What do I do in the event of a dental emergency?

If you have just knocked out a tooth, have severe tooth pain or have excessive bleeding, contact our office as soon as possible. We treat dental injuries and help restore broken crowns, bridges, and dentures. Caring for these problems promptly can help prevent further complications and may save teeth.

Are you a family dentist?

Yes, we are a family dental office and see patients of all ages. We offer pediatric services for younger patients as well as general, restorative, and cosmetic services for teens and adults. Our office can also schedule visits where parents and their children can be seen at the same time.

We want younger patients to feel comfortable and confident when they visit the dentist.

Contact Our Dental Office

New patients are welcome to our office at any time. Bladenboro Family Dentistry also sees military families from the Fayetteville, North Carolina area. Call our office at 910-469-4592 or request a dental consultation with Dr. French and her team on our website. Feel free to ask us any remaining questions you may have about your current dental concerns. We will be happy to assist you.