What to Do About Wisdom Teeth

Once individuals reach young adulthood, their dentists may suggest treatment for their growing wisdom teeth. Depending on your oral health, these teeth may need to be removed through tooth extraction surgery.

The process may seem overwhelming, but your dentist can monitor these teeth and their effects on your health and give you plenty of warning if oral surgery is necessary. Dr. Shannon French, a dentist in Bladenboro, NC, responds to frequently asked questions regarding wisdom teeth and the extraction procedure.

wisdom tooth extraction in Bladenboro North Carolina

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the nickname given to the third set of molars that usually grow after an individual completes puberty. Some patients do not have wisdom teeth, and others can have these teeth grow in without disrupting their other teeth or their jaw.

Why Would They Need Extraction?

In a number of cases, wisdom teeth can create crowding in the mouth. Overlapping teeth can make it difficult to keep your mouth clean. This, in turn, makes your smile more vulnerable to dental problems like decay and periodontal disease.

Wisdom teeth may also be impacted, which means that there is not enough room in the jaw for the teeth to erupt through the gums and they become trapped. This condition can leave teeth and gums sore and raise a patient’s risk for oral infections. Your dentist can monitor potential issues with wisdom teeth using x-ray imaging.

What Is the Tooth Extraction Process Like?

If wisdom teeth need to be removed to protect your oral health, your dentist will schedule an oral surgery for you called an extraction. Your dentist will cut through your gum tissue to remove the teeth.

Your dentist will give you anesthetics and sedation during the procedure so that you will not experience pain or discomfort in this process. You will need to arrange a ride home from your dentist’s office after your treatment as you may feel groggy for the rest of the day.

Tooth extractions require a few days of recovery time before you can return to your usual activities without issue. You should follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions to avoid painful complications as you heal such as dry socket.

Tooth Extraction Experts in Bladenboro, NC

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