What to Do Before a Teeth Cleaning

Have you scheduled your regular dental check-up yet? If you have an upcoming appointment, whether it’s with your usual practice or a new dentist, you might feel unsure about what should you do before your visit.

You can anticipate your dentist cleaning your teeth and evaluating your oral health during these check-ups. Understanding what will occur at these appointments can help the visit go more smoothly.

You can also enhance your visit by making certain preparations before you go to the appointment. Read on to find steps you can take to improve your experience at your next routine dentist appointment before you arrive at the office.

What to Do Before a Teeth Cleaning

Complete Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

You do not have to disrupt your usual schedule on the day of your dentist appointment when it comes to oral hygiene. Dentists encourage their patients to brush and floss their teeth like they normally would before arriving at their office.

The dentist will clean your teeth that day, but practicing oral hygiene ahead of time can get rid of easy layers of plaque on your smile. They can focus on scraping away more stubborn and harder-to-reach tartar and other build-ups. Then you can spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

However, oral hygiene completed on this day cannot replace any lapses in your regimen. Brushing and flossing vigorously will not make up for times you skipped your oral hygiene routine in the past. For optimal preventative dental care, adhere to a consistent, thorough schedule with your oral hygiene.

Take Note of Your Comfort Level

Many people feel nervous about upcoming dentist appointments. In order to alleviate your nerves, it can be beneficial to take steps to feel relaxed prior to your dental visit. For instance, you might practice deep breathing exercises, bring music to feel calm at the dentist’s office, or invite a friend to keep you company during your appointment.

Communicate any anxious feelings to your dentist as well. They can work with you to relieve any tension to make your appointment as positive as possible. They can even recommend sedation dentistry if you would like a medication option that can induce a calm sensation.

You will spend most of this appointment reclined in the dentist’s chair. So choose clothing that will fit loosely and easily to avoid adding discomfort to your experience.

Bring Necessary Information and Materials to the Office

Avoid confusion or delays when you check in for your dentist appointment by remembering to bring all necessary items. You might make a checklist to ensure you have the things you require.

For instance, the front office staff will ask you to confirm your dental insurance details. So take this card with you and any updated information.

If you have oral appliances, like dentures or Invisalign, that you wear routinely, bring these with you to your dentist appointment. You might miss important dental care if your dentist cannot evaluate these devices along with the rest of your smile.