Get Ready for Your Dental Check-Up

Do you have a routine dental check-up coming up soon? Everyone should book a teeth cleaning and oral exam appointment at their dentist’s office every six months or so. This dental attention ensures your smile stays healthy and radiant.

Even if you have attended many of these types of dental appointments, you can enhance your experience when you take steps to prepare for this visit ahead of time. Proper preparation will make the check-up go more smoothly and efficiently, saving you a great deal of time. Read on to find advice from your dentist outlining actions you can take to get ready for your next routine dental appointment.

Get Ready for Your Dental Check-Up

Practice Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

During a routine dental check-up, a dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to a professional degree. Even if you practice diligent at-home oral hygiene, your toothbrush and floss cannot reach all areas of your mouth. You will need a dentist’s targeted tools to get rid of plaque and tartar before you suffer dental damage.

Despite the cleaning process your dentist will complete, you should complete your usual oral hygiene regimen on the day of your appointment. This means brushing your teeth as you normally would in the morning.

This way, your dentist can have a cleaner foundation to begin their treatment. It will save you time by shortening the length of the required cleaning.

Do not brush your teeth extra rigorously in an attempt to make up for past skipped oral hygiene sessions. This will not make up for lapsed preventive care. Instead, it can aggravate your tooth enamel and gum tissue.

Take Note of Your Stress Levels

Do you feel stressed about upcoming dental work, even for routine oral healthcare? You can take note of your comfort levels ahead of your appointment and try to relieve stress before you head to your dentist’s office.

Many people can feel calmer when they try deep breathing exercises ahead of their dental appointment. You can also bring headphones and calming music to listen to and make you feel at ease at the dentist’s office. You may also invite a friend to distract you and keep you company during your appointment.

In cases of severe dental anxiety, your dentist may offer you a medicine designed to induce a relaxed feeling called dental sedation. Call your dentist if you are interested in trying this treatment to alleviate dental fear.

Bring Required Items to Your Dentist Appointment

Before you head to the dentist’s office, think about the items you will need for this appointment and make sure you have them with you. For instance, the front office staff will want to confirm your dental insurance details upon your arrival. So have this information or card with you.

If you have oral appliances, like Invisalign, bring them to your dentist’s office as well. Your dentist will want to examine them along with your smile to ensure the appliances function as well as they should. If you forget them at home, you may miss out on crucial dental care.